Louisiana – Cameron Parish

This list is divided into six categories:

  • Emergency Services,
  • General Resources,
  • Children’s Services,
  • Domestic Violence Services,
  • Health Services,
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

For additional resources, consult the lists for neighboring parishes.


Cameron Parish Ambulance Services
Emergency: 911 Non-Emergency:
Lake Charles Location: (337) 905-0078
Hackberry Location: (337) 762-3711

Cameron Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness
To lead Cameron Parish and to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from all natural and
manmade emergencies and disasters.
Phone: (337) 775-7048
Website: http://www.parishofcameron.net/PageDisplay.asp?p1=3567

Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (337) 775-5111
Website: http://cameronso.org/

Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
“The GOHSEP coordinates State Disaster Declarations authorized by the Governor. The GOHSEP staff is poised and ready to serve the people of Louisiana at a moment’s notice.”
Contact Person: Danny Lavergne Phone: (337) 775-7048
Website: http://gohsep.la.gov/


American Red Cross
Disaster response is available through our Disaster Action Teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: (337) 478- 5122 OR (800) 256-4733
Website: http://www.redcross.org/la/lake-charles/about

Cameron Parish
“Welcome to Cameron Parish’s website. We strive to be the destination online where you can find all the news and information about our parish”
Phone: (337) 775-5567
Website: http://www.parishofcameron.net

Cameron Parish Council on Aging
“The Cameron Parish Council On Aging was founded in 1976 and is dedicated in improving the independence and quality of life for the senior citizens of Cameron Parish.”
Phone: (337) 905-6000
Website: http://louisianacouncilsonaging.com/Cameron_Parish_COA_RLCM.html

Cameron Parish Library
Phone: (337) 775-5421
Website: http://www.cameron.lib.la.us/

Cameron Parish Resources
Including information on Medical, Education, Employment
Website: http://www.doc.la.gov/wp-content/uploads/files/community resources/cameron.pdf

Department of Natural Resources
“The mission of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to preserve and enhance the
nonrenewable natural resources of the state, consisting of land, water, oil, gas, and other minerals,
through conservation, regulation, management and development to ensure that the state of Louisiana realizes appropriate economic benefit from its asset base. Also, DNR exercises complex regulatory and permitting functions through the Office of Coastal Management and the Office of Conservation.”
Phone: (337) 775-2800
Website: http://dnr.louisiana.gov/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&pid=279

The Social Security Administration
“We deliver services through a nationwide network of over 1,400 offices that include regional offices,
field offices, card centers, teleservice centers, processing centers, hearing offices, the Appeals Council,
and our State and territorial partners, the Disability Determination Services.”
Phone: 1-800-772-1213
Website: http://www.ssa.gov

United Way of Southeast Louisiana
“United Way of Southwest Louisiana works with our partners to deliver nearly 55 programs and multiple
services that target community needs that center around the building blocks for a good life: a quality
education that leads to stable employment, sufficient income to support a family through retirement, and
sound mental and physical health.”
Phone: (337) 433-1088
Website: http://www.unitedwaysela.org/

County Office
The most accurate internet database of county government offices in the United States. Use our website
to locate you county assessor, board of elections, chamber of commerce, child support offices, colleges,
coroners, courts, and much more, with all relevant details.
Website: http://www.countyoffice.org


Children’s Grief Education Association
“Parents, teachers and friends may struggle to find the words needed to explain and comfort grieving children. Fortunately there are a great number of resources available to help find ways to speak with children about life and loss. Calcasieu Parish School Libraries have a wealth of information available to students, teachers and parents.”
Phone: (832) 576-2526
Website: http://childgrief.org/childgrief.htm

Department of Children and Family Services
“Our vision consists of working to keep children safe, helping individuals and families become
self-sufficient, and providing safe refuges during disasters.”
Phone: (888) 524-3578
Website: http://www.dss.louisiana.gov/index.cfm?md=directory&search=1&catid=0&city=&zip=&

Department of Children and Family Services Resources:
This website displays all current facilities licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services, Licensing Section.
Website: http://www.myflfamilies.com/

Cameron Parish Head Start Community Action Agency
“Entrusting your child with one of the many available childcare centers or preschools is a difficult
decision for a parent to make. There are over 115,576 providers nationwide, and you can search
through all of them, here. Narrow down your options based upon your child’s needs and your
desires for what you want in one of the many child development centers.”
Phone: (337) 762-3979
Website: http://childcarecenter.us/provider_detail/cameron_parish_head_start_cameron_community_

Cameron Parish Schools
“Cameron Parish Schools are committed to excellence in education. The vision of Cameron Parish
Schools is to provide a highly effective teaching and learning experience designed to meet the
individual needs, interests, and abilities of each student.”
Phone: (337) 775-5784
Website: http://www.camsch.org


Calcasieu Women’s Shelter
“Individual and group activities are available for children who accompany their mothers to the Shelter domestic violence programs.”
Phone: (504) 436-4552 (ask for children’s department)
Website: http://www.cwshelter.org/index.php?page=services

Calcasieu Women’s Shelter Resources
“Calcasieu Women’s Shelter provides 24-hour information and crisis support for survivors, their
families, and their friends.”
Sexual Assault Hotline: (337) 494-7273
Domestic Violence Hotline: (337) 436-4552
Website: http://www.cwshelter.org/index.php?page=services

Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
“LCADV member programs provide direct assistance to victims of domestic violence across Louisiana.”
Phone: 1 – (888) – 411-1333
Website: http://lcadv.org/programs-resources/


Department of Health and Hospitals: Cameron Parish Health Unit Family Planning, WIC and Nutrition Services, Prenatal, and Immunizations
Phone: (225) 342-9500
Website: http://new.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/directory/detail/5189

Cameron Parish Office of Public Health
“Louisiana’s parish health units play an important role in the local communities, providing numerous
valuable services, including immunizations, tuberculosis treatment and surveillance, sexually
transmitted disease services, pregnancy testing, family planning and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition services.”
Phone: (337) 775-5368
Website: http://dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/93

South Cameron Memorial Hospital
Available 24/7, South Cameron Memorial Hospital is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and
treatment equipment, with comfortable and appealing patient rooms, lab and a top-notch emergency department.
Phone: (337) 542-4111
Website: http://cameronparishtouristcommission.org/listing/south-cameron-memorial-hospital

Rheumatoid Arthritis
“The Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network (RASN) is dedicated to providing up- to-date information
and resources for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Our goal is simple. We want RA patients to know their options and fully understand their diagnosis. You can take steps, right now, to improve symptoms
and your quality of life.”
Phone: 1(800) 405-4043
Website: https://www.rheumatoidarthritis.org/


Cameron Parish D.A.R.E.
“D.A.R.E. stands for (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), it’s a collaborative effort between special
trained law enforcement officer, schools, teachers, parents and community leaders”
Phone: (337) 775-5111
Website: http://cameronso.org/page.php?id=3

Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority
The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) manages and delivers the services and supports necessary to improve the quality of life for citizens with mental illness and addictive disorders. The agency oversees
the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership (LBHP), the statewide management contract for most behavioral health services, and delivers direct care through both hospitalization and community based treatment programs. Services are provided for Medicaid and non-Medicaid eligible populations.
Phone: (337) 475-3100
Website: http://dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/directory/detail/239

Louisiana Rehabilitation Services
“You want to work, we make it happen”
Phone: 337-475-8038
Website: http://www.laworks.net/workforcedev/LRS/LRS_Main.asp

Mental Help. Net
Our searches list 484 licensed alcohol and drug treatment centers throughout Louisiana. Mental
Help’s comprehensive treatment directory can help you make the perfect Louisiana substance
treatment program decision for yourself, your spouse or your child.
Website: https://www.mentalhelp.net/care/substance-abuse/la/

National Alliance on Mental Illness
“Educating, Advocating, and Supporting individuals and families affected by mental illness.
Website: http://namiswla.org

Resource Management Services
Mental Health Rehabilitation – Adults, Adolescents, Children and Families “RMS offers Home and
Community-Based Services, Medication Management, Psychosocial Skills Training and Counseling,
Behavior Management Services, School-Related Services, Addiction Services and 24-Hour Response.
In addition to medication, psychosocial treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, peer support groups and other community services can also be components of a treatment plan.
The availability of transportation, diet, exercise, sleep, friends, and meaningful paid or volunteer
activities contribute to overall health and wellness, including mental illness recovery.”
Phone: 337-437-4014
Website: http://resourcemgtservices.com/

“Rehabs.com was founded in 2011 with two goals in mind: to provide information for those suffering with
substance abuse and behavioral addictions – either personally or through loved ones – and to connect
those people with the treatment programs that can help them.”
Phone: 1(888) 823-3169
Website: http://www.rehabs.com/guides/substance-abuse-and-anxiety-disorders